MacBook Battery Replacement

  • Drains fast
  • Swollen battery
  • Unable to power on without power connected
  • Replace Now / Replace Soon / Service Battery status

MacBook uses Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery which the electricity is generated through chemical reactions of lithium, but the chemical reactions may drop over time and results in decreased capacity.

Insufficient ventilation may results in swollen battery which can push against the trackpad and make it not clickable.

Here is the partial price list of the battery replacement for your reference :

Model No.Battery
A1278 / A1286 / A1297 / A1369 / A1370 / A1465 / A1466$580
A1398 / A1425 / A1502$880
A1706 / A1707 / A1708 / A1989 / A1990$1180