Mac Repair and Upgrades.

iCertified provide repair services for Mac, iPhone and iPad in Hong Kong, We repair logic boards in component level and high workmanship standard for reliable result but only half price of replacement.


Just replaced the battery and a complete cleansing of the interior of my MacBook Air at iCertified. Great service and reasonable cost. They even replaced a broken cap of the keyboard of my wife’s MacBook free of charge. Amazing!

Hui Siu Wai

Just had my white MacBook unibody (yes a bit ancient ) battery changed. Service was quick and attentive. Very good service ..👍

Kenneth Lo

Great service. Iphone and Macbook Air battery replacement carried out right at the spot, and finished within 10 mins. The technician who changed my laptop battery went extra mile and helped me to resolve snail speed issue, which I was much appreciated. Highly recommended!

Rosetina Crockett

My MBP were having several problems, and being resolved completely, highly recommend their reliable services.

Stephen Lai

Fast · Save · Professional
Reasonal Price with elite repair service

Alex Law