MacBook Free Diagnostics

MacBook Repair, iMac Repair, Mac Upgrades and Data Recovery

Established in 2015, iCertified is a computer technology company based in Hong Kong, providing professional MacBook repair, iMac repair and Mac data recovery services to meet different kinds of repair needs for Mac products from individual and business customers.

iCertified is the authorised reseller of OWC USA in Hong Kong, selling different kinds of OWC products, including SSD, RAM, Thunderbolt Dock and storage solution for Mac.

At iCertified, technicians perform MacBook repair and iMac repair in component level and high workmanship standard, to ensure the long term reliability of Mac after the repair.

Our technicians find out the cause of the failure by referring to the design drawings and schematics, and locate the damaged components accurately through measurement, the components used for replacement meet the specification as shown in the schematics, repair tools and industrial grade soldering materials from USA and Japan are used during the repair, ultrasonic cleaner and special PCB cleaning fluid from USA are used for cleaning after the repair.


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