iCertified provide repair services for Mac, iPhone and iPad in Hong Kong, We repair logic boards in component level and high workmanship standard for reliable result but only half price of replacement.

I highly recommend iCertifiedļ¼ 
They offer professional services and good follow-up with reasonable prices! 

My macbook was water-damaged and after I decided not to proceed further to repair, they refunded me the deposit šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­ and explained to me in details the situation. so good!

Anson Wong

Professional service, fast and reasonable maintenance charges! Even better than Genius BarĀ 

Don Lao

Very good service. I went to Apple and they were asking around 4k to repair my MBPR Mid 2012, But in here, it only cost 1/2 less. iCertified provided a very good customer service, and updated my notebook repair status to me frequently.

Kwok Chun Lok

they helped to fix my iMac in just 2 days, so happen they have the spare part on hand, thank you so much

Herman Wai

Amazing service and super helpful staff! Poured tea on my newly bought Macbook Pro and it’s dead – first went to Apple and they charged me $7000 in order to replace the whole motherboard. But all the data will be lost even though you pay that ridiculous amount.

Then went to iCertified. They were super helpful and cautiously identify the affected areas on the motherboard and try to save my data. My mac is now fixed and running as usual. Got my years of DJ music and work saved thanks to them! Thumbs up to these great and skilful professionalsĀ šŸ™‚Ā Would definitely recommend them

Freedom Fung