MacBook Not Charging

  • Not charging
  • No lights on MagSafe connector

The steps to start charging are different between models using MagSafe and USB-C.

For the models using MagSafe as its power connector, it involves four functional parts to communicate, including the DC-In board and cable, battery and the logic board, so one failed parts can make it not charging.

For the models using USB-C as its power connector, there are same amount of power IC as the amount of the USB-C ports, and all the power IC are communicating so all connectors can be failed even only one power IC is failed.

Here is the partial price list of not charging repair for your reference :

Model No.Not Charging
A1278 / A1286 / A1297$580-1500
A1369 / A1370 / A1465 / A1466$180-1500
A1398 / A1425 / A1502$580-1800
A1706 / A1707 / A1989 / A1990$680-3000