MacBook Keyboard / Trackpad Replacement

Keyboard :

  • Typing on its own
  • Partial / All keys not responsive
  • Power button is not working so it can not power on
  • Shift key is always pressed so it boots into safe mode automatically

Trackpad :

  • Touch issue
  • Ghost touch
  • Not responsive on tap / click
  • Keyboard and trackpad not working at the same time

Most of the case are caused by the parts itself, but there is a chance that the issue is actually caused by the cable connecting the keyboard and / or trackpad to the logic board or even the logic board.

Some cases are the keyboard and trackpad fails at the same time, but two different parts fails at the same time is not likely.

Since the data signal of the keyboard are transmitted to the logic board via the trackpad in some models, a faulty trackpad or even the trackpad cable can result in keyboard and trackpad fail.

Here is the partial price list of the keyboard / trackpad replacement for your reference :

Model No.KeyboardTrackpad
A1278 / A1286 / A1297$680$680
A1369 / A1370 / A1465 / A1466$680$680
A1425 / A1502 / A1398$980$980
A1706 / A1707 / A1708$1480$1080